Saturday, October 9, 2010

Free Runescape Membership

Welcome to howto-freemembership this blog will teach you different methods on how to get FREE RS membership. And by free I mean doing small work online such as posting on forums, or clicking links to gain money online and finally use it to buy Rs membership.

You must register on all sites if you want better and faster results. A video will be made to explain each one of them soon. All listed sites are trusted and legit.

You could easily average $20.00 US DOLLARS a MONTH with almost no effort even while you are playing and skilling on RS, thats equivalent to 3-4 accounts with free runescape membership!

Click on the Banners to sign up.


Cashout: $5
Estimated time for membership: 2 weeks.

Adfly pays you for every time someone clicks a link you've shortened, for example you have this youtube link: you can convert it into this: the person clicking the link will see a 5 second ad before getting re-directed to the original link.

You can click your own links, but only once per link to 'verify' that it works.
Share your links with your friends on facebook, myspace, msn or places such as forums.

Watch this youtube video to learn more of how Adfly works: 


Search & Win

Cashout: Any
Estimated time for membership: 3 weeks.

Swagbucks allows web users to earn virtual currency by doing the things they do every day - search the web, 
At swagbucks you get paid for doing websearches on their browser, so if you make swagbucks your homepage and use it as if it was Google then you'll be off great.

This is a video description on youtube:

Remember these methods are not 'get rich' schemes, they are trusted methods that after a period of time you will have enough money to buy memberships, no credit cards are needed for these methods.


  1. blah this is way too old methode if you want something really working try rs free membership i tried it my self and works like a charm

  2. Forget all those scamming free membership sites and use one that actually works! You don't need to give them your username or password. Simply put in your email and they'l send you a code!

  3. Old scamm....Always a scammm..

    Personally, I found a website to get a free member subscription.
    It worked for me so maybe it will work for you.

    Here is the link!

    Runescape has become too easy these latter times.
    I swear to you with a subscription, the game is not the same!